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With budgets tightening, it’s hard to justify the purchase of a new power cot every 6-7 years, especially when it’s completely unnecessary! That’s why Medpro, the largest independent cot service company in the United States for over 25 years created the MedProlong™ program. This is the only service of its kind to refurbish power cots to like-new condition from the ground up.

Your power cot’s physical structure is robust, well-built and can last for a long time to come by replacing high usage parts. The MedProlong™ program can restore your 6-7 year old power cot to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new power cot. With a TWO YEAR WARRANTY included with MedProlong™ and a loaner cot if needed, there is no reason to buy new!

Our highly experienced in-house technicians do a comprehensive overhaul of your cot – completely disassembling all hydraulic power and mechanical systems. Old parts are replaced with new components and the cot is then reassembled to manufacturer’s specifications. It’s like getting a brand new cot for less than a quarter of the price of a new one!

  • Overhauls cots hydraulically, electrically, and mechanically to like-new condition.
  • Guaranteed to extend the lift of your cot for many more years – essentially doubling its life, and possibly beyond!
  • Get a like-new cot for a fraction of the price of a new cot.
  • Includes a MedProlong Two-Year Warranty equivalent to the warranty on a brand new cot!

MedProlong™ is available in ALL 50 states.

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