Wraptor Mattress

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Wraptor Mattress

Wraptor Mattress is a bariatric cot mattress designed to fit all models of Stryker and Ferno ambulance stretchers. Unlike standard mattresses, this mattress feature detachable and washable side wrapping panels and center patient body weight to prevent cot tipping.

This specialized mattress is overwhelmingly endorsed by large body patients because it reduces patient anxiety and increases patient comfort. It also enables large body patients to easily fit through standard size door openings and prevents patients from sliding down when the backrest is in a semi fowler position.

For EMS professionals, the wrapping panels allow easy access to handles on the side of the cots for lifting so there’s no longer a struggle trying to find where the handles are when handling larger patients.

The Wraptor Mattress comes in two sizes: standard size cots and XXL size for wide body surface extensions.

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