Transafe Systems

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Transafe Systems

Transafe Systems, now known as simply Transafe, is a revolutionary bariatric ramp system designed to be quickly deployed and effortlessly readied for loading and unloading of patients without stress or strain.

This ramp, unlike other ramps in the market, is lightweight and highly durable, capable of supporting up to 2,400 lbs of pressure, far exceeding the combined weight of the heaviest of patients and patient transport equipment.

Transafe Ramps come in two configurations:

The XRS-2400 is the model designed to fit ambulances without a Stryker POWERLOAD system installed. This unit can be purchased with or without a tow harness.

The XRS-2400PL is the model that has been modified to fit ambulances with a Stryker POWERLOAD system installed.

Transafe ramps, assembly parts, and replacement parts are proudly manufactured in the United States.

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