Cot Warehouse

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Cot Warehouse

Cot Warehouse is the sales arm of Medpro that sells refurbished ambulance cots, stair chairs, and lockdown mechanism. Because it is part of Medpro, you can rest assured that by purchasing an ambulance cot at Cot Warehouse, you are buying a quality product that has gone through a rigorous refurbishment process.

We encourage Medpro customers to purchase refurbished equipment through Cot Warehouse because the same process we use in our Preventative Maintenance service and MedproLong service is used in the refurbishment process of all stretchers and stair chairs sold. Instead of purchasing a stretcher from an unknown or irreputable source and spending a fortune repairing and restoring it to serviceable condition, why not just buy equipment that’s working excellently right out of the box?

AND, with the easy online ordering and tracking system on Cot Warehouse, you can keep tabs on your order, let us know when and how you want it delivered, and complete the transaction on the website.

Need spare parts? Cot Warehouse has them too!

Visit CotWarehouse.com and start today!

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