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Our Philosophy

The MedproActive™ Approach

Whenever possible, we implement proactive measures that keep patient transport equipment in the best condition possible. We call this complete preventative maintenance approach MedproActive™. Equipment failures don’t happen while equipment is sitting still and Medpro recognizes that patient and EMT staff safety may be compromised when problems arise. The MedproActive™ Approach seeks to mitigate cot failures before they happen much like automobile maintenance programs that call for the replacement of parts at set intervals.

An example that is applicable to most make and model stretchers is with a cot’s U-Bar that is intended to catch the floor safety hook in the ambulance when the cot is removed. A typical U-Bar failure happens when  the U-Bar springs are fatigued enough that the U-Bar fails to engage the ambulance’s safety hook. The MedproActive™ Approach is to preemptively change the U-Bar springs on a pre-scheduled basis. In doing so, the potential risk to patient and EMT staff safety is virtually eliminated and exposure to liability or workers compensation claims is significantly reduced. This is just one of many examples of our preemptive approach to service that has broad and far reaching benefits.

Your Best Interests Are Our Best Interests

Because Medpro operates under a flat-fee structure, it is in our best interest to ensure the job is done correctly the first time. That’s why we have the best repair technicians in the industry with lengthy mechanical engineering backgrounds and put our staff through rigorous training.

Our No Hidden Fee Guarantee

No hidden fees, surcharges, or unexpected upcharges. Ever.†

Complete Attention to Detail

Medpro’s expert service technicians are equipped with reliable and precise computers and proprietary software that generate highly comprehensive time-stamped maintenance reports for each piece of equipment serviced. The detailed reports indicate what equipment piece was serviced, right down to the exact nut, bolt, washer, etc. that was either inspected, repaired, or replaced. Only if car mechanics did that for you…

† Medpro does not cover parts and labor associated with repairs due to abuse, neglect, or misuse. Consumable parts such as stair chair seat covers, rubber grips, brakes, etc., are not covered and will incur additional charges which will be disclosed before service is done. Ask your Medpro Representative for full details.

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