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Our Leadership

We believe the key to our fast growth is an unyielding dedication to customer satisfaction founded on what we refer to as the three I’s… INTEGRITY in the way we go about their business, INGENUITY to counterbalance the built-in obsolescence of the products we service and INDEPENDENCE which enables us to be uncompromisingly loyal to our customer’s needs by having to answer to no one else but our customers.

Knowing that patient transport equipment failures don’t happen while equipment is sitting still and recognizing that patient and staff safety can be compromised when problems arise was the driving force for Medpro to formulate an unmatched preemptive approach to service.

The Medpro Difference mitigates equipment failures before they happen much the same way that automobile manufacturer’s maintenance programs proactively call for the replacement of parts at set intervals in order to keep automobiles in excellent proper working condition at all times – and we use nothing but manufacturers/OEM parts. Let your best judgment and your independence be the guiding force in choosing the best possible service provider.” 

– Rich Carlin & Ed Baiter

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